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A map of the West African transport network cannot, by definition, take into account the complexity of local realities. Privacy is often suspect, especially among peoples with a strong belief in malevolent and occult powers. The country is basically self-sufficient in food, although the distribution of food is variable. European explorers, including Captain James Cook, sailed to the Polynesian Islands during the 17th and 18th centuries.

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For example, Africans are credited with introducing certain folk treatments for small pox. Rattray reported that variolation of smallpox was practiced "from time immemorial by the Akan of Ghana." Consider that there are ways other than language by which common ethnicity and cultural identity can be defined: for example, by a group's belief in a common origin (e.g. the Mande peoples trace a common origin to Sundiata Keita, legendary 13th century founder of the Mali Empire: see Part II: African Empires ), and increasing cultural similarities among groups can develop over centuries of contact and exchange. (3) that common cultural patterns extend across African states because "arbitrary and unrealistic boundaries drawn a century ago by Africa�s [European] colonial masters" found single ethnic groups [bound by kinship, language, and cultural ties] in two or more neighboring countries (in Asante and Abarry 297-298) , source: But it is also significant that both these nations, along with Greater Appalachia, follow religious traditions that sanction eye-for-an-eye justice, and adhere to secular codes that emphasize personal honor and shun governmental authority At this time when the CITES Plenary is still considering the work of the Committees, I am not in a position to talk about specific proposals or substance issues
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